The first thing I asked myself when I saw the prompt today was “Am I still
Learning anything?”

Answer? Of course I am. Every day I learn something new, or at least try too.

In my job as a web designer and computer repairer there is something new happening every day and if I don’t keep up I risk quickly falling behind, something I have done too many times in the past.

As a father I sometimes wonder if I don’t learn more things off my kids than they learn of me. Their lessons are definitely more fun though!

And as a husband the single biggest lesson and one I am still learning, despite forgetting it on more than one occasion, is NEVER STOP LEARNING, about her, about you and about both of you!

Disclaimer: In the interests of not appearing to come off as sexist I will say that neither party should stop learning but in my this house the male has more to learn 🙂