Celebrating a 50th birthday is some what of a milestone and we all no doubt hope to share ours with the ones we love, I know I do. However there is one 50th birthday this year that has been more important to our household than any other and it didn’t belong to a person.

That birthday belonged to Play School, the ABC television program that parents have been using to baby sit their kids for Fifty long years.

Although it might not mean much to people outside of Australia there is very few people of my age who don’t remember growing up with Play School. It was on every day, there was singing, dancing, clapping, playing and wonderful characters and colours to keep kids entertained for hours.

This year that kids show turned 50 and for the two months leading up to the anniversary they were running regular adverts telling us that there would be special shows, special guests and a great time to be had by all. Even Miss 8 who likes to tell us that she’s grown out of the kiddies show was anxious to see the Birthday specials. Miss 4 was so excited she repeated it a thousand times a day (about the same number of times we saw the adverts). Even Mrs was excited in a small way to see what was in store, as was I.

Sure enough it lived up to expectation, there was guests from today, guests from yesterday and even guests who hosted the show when Mrs and I grew up. Of course the kids didn’t believe us when we told them that ‘those old people’ hosted the show, with the same teddies and dolls, when Mum and Dad were kids, but we told them anyway.

For an entire month, multiple times a day, Miss 8, Miss 4, dad and mum were riveted to the screen to see what the next celebration would be. Strangely enough after a 31 day birthday mum and dad were the only ones just a little bit over it.