More innocence of youth.



Innocence of Youth

Two kids, 8 and 4, both in the bath. Bath bubbles are everywhere, toys litter the tub and some how the two kids still fit in there.
Dad stands at the bath and say “No splashing! No fighting! No silliness! And no water outside the tub!” before walking into the hallway to get some bath towels from the cupboard.
Twenty seconds go by, dad walks back in and steps in a puddle of water than reaches from the tub to the door.
“Oi! I said no splashing and the water has to stay in the tub.” he calls as he shakes his dripping sock covered feet.
To which Miss 8 replies. “Wasn’t me.”
To which Miss 4 replies. “Wasn’t me.”
I quietly leave the bathroom, stand in the hallway and reprimand myself for making such a mess.


  1. Yes Dad, you did it. You are the responsible one, always.

    • lostpropertyrepository

      Yep, just like I played with all the toys in the lounge room, threw a lego block at the youngest ones head and hid the eldest ones gameboy in plain sight on the coffee table. 🙂

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