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“To dismiss my front-end design as mere icing is to Jeopardize the success of any site.”

How I wish this saying by Curt Cloninger was around 22 years ago when I started as a web designer.

Even back in the days when the internet was newish and many people were still bamboozled by the glitz and glamour of seeing their business name on the ‘internet thingie’ it was not always easy to convince clients that a site was designed the way it was for good reason.

Today it’s even worse. At times it almost seems impossible to find a new client who doesn’t intimately understand web design because they have a Facebook page, know everything about website images because they have Photoshop, and know everything there is to know about web marketing because they’ve used Google.

In many ways the front-end design is important. The way the landing page of a site looks can be the difference between hooking a new client and having them go to your competition. But in a new world where websites are no longer just static pages with words on them spare a thought for the designer. The guy who has spent two weeks designing both the front-end and the back-end of the site. Set up the database. Set up the CMS. Set up the social media aspects. Set up the links. Set up the SEO. Set up the marketing and finally made that front-end in such a way that it not only ranks well but reads, looks and functions well.

Maybe the icing should have little candy stars stuck in it!


  1. Bravo! Being part of the design world myself I feel your pain!

    • lostpropertyrepository

      The pain is worse when the client is someone you know too!
      Saying “No adding an orange flower to the logo will not increase your traffic by 100%” some how doesn’t cut it when the website owner knows how to cut and paste one image over another in Photoshop 🙂

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