I thought about writing something for Complicated but between that stupid Avril Lavigne song by the same name (or the Weird Al rip off) that I didn’t want to admit to knowing or the way anything I write quickly started sounding like a pity post I got the shits up and typed nothing. A similar thing happened when I saw Confused. (then when I do finally decide to do something it doesn’t come up on the DP page anyway….what was that I was saying about complicated?)

I have two bears begging me to write something about them, I have multiple short stories ready to post somewhere on the web and two full length novels nearing completion all begging for my attention, as well as a website I’m suppose to be creating for someone. So with all that in mind you, my amazing long list of followers and readers, (who number in double figures) will have to put up with this, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Confused.