Reach Snowflake episode 13.

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Snowflake, the cute little polar bear with the green hat and green scarf, wandered into the bedroom singing the theme song from the 80’s Australian rip off television show called “It’s a Knockout”.

“It’s a Knockout, that’s the name. It’s a Knockout, that’s the game.” He sung as he jumped up onto the bed next to his three boofhead mates, Tickles, Golly and Big Bear.

“Well that’s a blast from the past.” Golly, the only boofhead old enough to remember the Aussie remake of the 1960’s British show stated. “Have you been going through Jen’s old video collection again?”

“Well yeah I have, but that’s not why I’m singing that particular song.”

“Oh, a deeper meaning? Are we going to have to guess or are you going to share?” Tickles asked inquisitively.

With a disgruntled look on his face Snowflake responded. “Jen hid the ladder and put the chocolates out of reach!”