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“I thought you said the prompt today was going to be ‘sanity’”. I said smugly to Big Bear, the plush polar bear with the green hat, green scarf and 2005 tattoo on his left foot.

Without even thinking he immediately threw back, “It was going to be but I contacted the WordPress people and told them it would be unfair to offer up a word you have no idea about.”

“I’m a writer, what I don’t know about I research so I can write about it.” I replied defensively. “And besides are you not here to ensure my sanity is intact.”


“So if I have no idea about the word does that not mean you’ve failed?”

It was Big Bear’s turn to be defensive this time. “I have not failed.”

“But you said….”

“I never fail.”

“If, as you claim, I can not write about the topic because I have no idea about the topic then that can only mean you have failed.”

Big Bear rubbed his chin with his right paw as if deep in thought, then shot back. “Why are you so obsessed about yesterday’s daily prompt? It’s a new day, a new prompt.”


  1. Exactly how I feel about some prompts. The good news is there is always another.

  2. lostpropertyrepository

    I’m never obsessed by prompts, it’s always the bears!!

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