Snowflake Episode 11 The Luxury of being a bear.



Luxury Snowflake episode 11

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“So what sort of luxury car are you getting?” The cute little polar bear with the green hat and green scarf said to Jen as she sat on the bed next to him.

“Huh? What now? We aren’t getting a new car.” Jen replied.

“Yeah but you could if you wanted one.”

“Bear you’re cute and cuddly, but I have no idea what you’re on about.”

“L.P. and Big Bear were talking about a luxury car yesterday.” Snowflake said innocently.

“Yeah, and you and I both know why the words ‘luxury car’ came up in their conversation.”

“That doesn’t mean you can’t use it to your advantage.”

“But I don’t drive.”

“L.P. does, and don’t we deserve to be chauffeured everywhere? I know I do!”

“You modesty knows no bounds, Bear.” Jen finished the conversation with the intention of starting another when Snowflake jumped in again.

“So how many WordPress likes have you had today?”

“Forty three on one post and thirty two on another.”

“Well that’s commendable I suppose.”

“I also got four new followers and a collection of nice comments.”

“As I said, commendable.”

“Oh and I forgot to mention the post I am most proud of, the one about the smart arse bear who gets his just deserts when the girl who looks after him goes postal on his arse. That one got a hundred likes!” Jen said smartly.

“So you’re still writing fantasy stories then?”

“Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!”

“Well as a matter of fact, I posted a picture of myself and the other three boofheads on our blog today, no words, just a picture and I got more than four hundred likes and two hundred and seventy comments in less than fifteen minutes.”

“Smart arse bear, as if you’re getting in my new car with that kind of attitude!” Jen mumbled as she got up and left the room.


  1. Don’t you hate that a cute picture of anything fluffy gets more traction than a post you work hard on?

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