Stubborn Snowflake episode 10

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“She’s so bloody stubborn!” humphed Snowflake as he walked back into the bedroom.

“Oh no,” said Golly, “what’s Jen done now?”

“She hasn’t got writer’s block again has she?” Tickles asked inquisitively.

“No, I don’t think walking into another door is going to fix this situation.” Snowflake replied with a hint of a smile across his cute face as he remembered Jen’s last episode with writer’s block.

Snowflake leapt up onto the bed with the other three boofheads and shuffled his way under the donna cover. The day wasn’t really cool enough to be under the covers, especially for a polar bear, but it was the comfort position of all four boofheads and they all loved spending their day there when they weren’t keeping their humans sane.

“So what’s the issue today?” Big Bear said.

“She just wont get over the chocolate incident.”

The incident Snowflake was referring to happened the previous day while Jen had a craving for chocolate, chocolate she knew she’d brought and stocked the cupboard with.

“Oh that.” all three boofheads replied in unison.

“Yeah that!” Snowflake started. “It’s not like she can’t remedy the situation by going down the street and replenishing the stock levels.”

“You’d think she’d have a little bit more consideration for your needs!” Tickles laughed.

“Exactly!” Snowflake agreed.

“I could probably talk L.P. into going down and getting some for you,” Big Bear said, “You know he’s infatuated with Jen and all I have to do is tell him they are for her and he’d jump to attention.”

“He should do the same for me.” Snowflake said matter of factly.

“Well he probably would be Jen might not be as happy knowing he’s doing it for you and not her.”
“Good point. But it still doesn’t change the fact that Jen’s stuck on this notion that I ate all her chocolate.”

“But you did.” Golly pointed out.

“That’s entirely not the point, the point is she’s being stubborn about it.”