Daily Prompt Stubborn

A Taurus is stubborn but not to stubborn to apologise….eventually.

stubborn taurus


Looking from back our world was great, our world was full and our world was complete.
Then I got caught up in my world, a world that ran parallel to our world but only contained one person. At first stubbornness wasn’t the issue because I was too blind to actually see it happening, I just started leaving our world in the morning and spending a few hours visiting my world.
When a few hours began turning into all day I could see it happening.
Initially I ignored it, then the stupid part of my mind tried to tell me that it was what I wanted.
Despite the constant screams of “bullshit” from the sane part of my mind I kept ignoring it.
I ignored it and ignored it, but I ignored it for too long.
Oh why, oh why did I have to be so fucking stubborn?