Praise part 2: Big Bear Episode 10

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Praise part 2: Big Bear episode 10

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With a coffee in my right hand, because although it’s 5’oclock somewhere 8am is too early for bourbon, I was sitting on the veranda over looking our lush green pasture as it ran down to the slow running but always peaceful creek. The early morning sun although not yet warm was showing all the signs of warming up and offering us a beautifully sunny and cloudless day.

I was sitting there enjoying my third coffee of the day, I am a writer after all, and contemplating what I would do for the rest of the morning before settling in for the afternoon and working on the second edit for our publisher. During the previous day I’d practically been ordered by the plush white polar bear with the green hat, green scarf, and tattooed foot to continue his serial fiction story. He was acting a bit snarky because Snowflake got a craving story the previous day and he didn’t, it’s not that he had a craving that he wanted the entire world to know about, he just wanted a higher episode count that his boofhead mate.

He is a bear of few needs and wants but the request was that his story should contain, something fun, humorous and entertaining, (it’s almost like he’s never read anything I’ve written when he requests such things!) Giving myself the morning off from real work I decided that I would devote some time to the bear who keeps me sane and I began thinking about the ways in which I could give him a story that fitted in with the latest daily prompt, Praise.

Within seconds I came up with an idea that I thought had possibilities. As I drank the remainder of my coffee my mind worked it’s way through the idea and path it would follow and by the time my coffee cup was empty I was ready to put pen to paper, or fingers to keys as the case may be.

I headed inside to my office, dropping my empty coffee cup on the kitchen counter as I went past. With my computer booted and ready to go I opened up the word processor and started typing. Thanks to the pre-type think tank the words flowed easily and effortlessly and I had the story written within thirty minutes.

I re-read the story doing a final grammar and spelling check and a final save before calling the bear in to give him a preview. Given that the cute little polar bear is always in my head calling him is requires little more than a thought and within a few seconds he was sauntering into the room all cheerful and happy.

“I know you’ve written the story about me that I asked you to write so I am here to read it.” Big bear said promisingly.

Thankfully although he spends a lot of time in my sane head I can still keep some secrets from him and I moved away from the desk and offered him the chair so he could read the screen. It wasn’t a huge story and he was able to read it fairly quickly.

“What the hell is this?” he asked

“It’s your story.”

“I asked for it to be fun, humorous and entertaining. But above all it was suppose to be about praise.”

“It is about Praise!” I responded defensively.

“Rubbish, it’s about me making you lunch.”

“Yeah that’s right, it’s about you making me a salad sandwich.”

“And you don’t even thank me for it, so where the hell is the praise?”

“Well you did use salad dressing on the sandwich.” I replied laughing.


Authors note: See below for explanation of Big Bear’s Praise, in case such things aren’t available worldwide.




  1. This is so adorable! I usually am not able to sit through some of the longer posts but this was really fun and interesting! I loved it. I would love if you could check out some of my odd posts as well.

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