Praise: Big Bear episode 9



Praise Big Bear episode 9

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“So how come I didn’t get a craving?” Big Bear the plush white polar bear with the green hat, green scarf and tattooed foot asked as he waltzed into my office.

“And just what kind of craving did you want?” I asked without turning from the computer.

“Actually I’m not even sure I wanted one but it’s the thought that counts. I could have craved attention, I could have craved approval, I could even have craved chocolate like someone else did, but instead I got nothing.”

Thinking for a few moments while Big Bear plonked himself up on the swivel chair beside my desk I waited until he was comfortable before speaking again.

“Yeah I’m sorry. I did intend to give you a craving but I got caught up in other things and ran out of time.”

“Caught up all right, I saw those other stories and none of them were about me!”

“Yeah but as well as those stories I got one magazine article, two editorials and the first re-edit of the novel off to the publisher.”

“All I hear is me, me me.”

“So are you saying you wanted a craving or just wanted a story?”

“Well,” he started with a smile and a deep breath, “Snowflake’s episode count is one higher than mine so I think you owe me story or two.”

“So what you are suggesting is that a story about you is more important than my actual work?”

Big Bear looked at me through those cute brown eyes and offered nothing in return figuring he didn’t need to answer such an obvious question.

“And just what should this story be about?”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe you could make up something fun, something entertaining, something humorous.”

“As long as it makes me look like I’m bordering on insanity?”

“Nothing wrong with a bit of real life writing.” Big Bear threw back at me with a huge smile and sarcastic tone.

“And should it contain anything else?” I enquired.

“Oh I don’t know, maybe you could throw in a bit of praise.”


  1. You owe big bear.

    • lostpropertyrepository

      Yes so he tells me, but I’m making him wait for it 🙂

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