Author’s Note: This is the first time I’ve tried anything like this, be interested too see if it even comes close to working.

Author’s second note: It didn’t come out as “R rated” as my first thought suggested it would be, guess that version is still suck in my head somewhere 🙂

The night started in a small but romantic restaurant where they sat in a single booth lit by two flickering blue candles. They were celebrating the anniversary of the first day they met, fifteen years prior. Although fully booked the set up of the tables and booths made each couple feel like they were alone in their own restaurant for two.

He didn’t like drinking wine, he was more of a bourbon drinker, but for him the night was more about spending time with his wife and sharing the things she enjoyed than about his own preferences. By the time they were on their second bottle of wine even he had to admit that he wasn’t as against the taste of vinegar as he thought. Three courses were eaten, including the largest piece of Tiramisu cake he’d ever seen served in any restaurant, which she ate half of before offering to share.

Outside it was a clear summers night, not a cloud in the sky, thousands of stars and the fullest of moons they’d ever seen so he asked the limousine driver to go via Picnic Point. He wasn’t surprised to find the cliff face lookout secluded, he’d paid a healthy sum of money to the local council to have it closed off for the night, just like he’d organised the overhead lights to be turned off to keep the moths away. He’d also organised the large picnic blanket and another bottle of wine.

As they got out of the limo and settled onto the rug the driver did as he’d been instructed to do and drove the car out of sight to park it for an hour before returning. On the rug the couple settled in side by side, he poured two glasses of wine while she lay watching him in the moonlight. For the next hour they barely spoke, they didn’t need to, being together was enough. When they did speak they did it through glazed eyes with mere centimetres between them.

When the limo returned they slipped into the back seat holding hands and smiling. When they arrived home it was nearly midnight, both were exhausted, both were happy and both were in love. There was another bottle of wine in the fridge and a huge bunch of roses on the kitchen table along with the remnants of the wrapping paper he’d used to wrap the diamond necklace he’d given her but they were bypassed as the couple headed straight for the bedroom.

Ten minutes later they both climbed into bed and shuffled towards the middle until they were side by side. As their shoulders touched she broke the silence.

“Darling, I know you’ve gone to a lot of trouble tonight but I’m really tired, I don’t think I have the energy to sate your cravings.”

Turning his head to look her in the eyes, despite it being dark and not being able to see them, he said. “Baby, the only craving I have is to lie here and hold you until you fall asleep.”

Milliseconds later her head was on his chest, her arm resting on his stomach, her legs entangled with his and his arm was around her back and resting on her side. He lay on his back with his wife in his arms listening to her quietly breath until she fell asleep at which point he did the same. They woke up in the same position seven hours later.