Muse Snowflake episode 8

Snowflake a story of the bear entrusted to keep my wife Jen sane.
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“What’s got you caught so deep in thought, Bear?” Jen asked as she entered the bedroom to see Snowflake sitting on the bed staring at nothing.

The room remained quiet, the only noise was Jen shuffling around to her side of the bed and settling into the sitting position in front of Snowflake. The other three plush boofheads, Tickles, Golly and Big Bear all turned to Snowflake to see why he hadn’t responded but he was still absorbed in whatever thought was going through his head.

“Whatever he’s thinking about must be pretty intense, he’s been incommunicado for the last twenty minutes.” Said Golly breaking the silence.

“Have you guys been trying to get his attention or have you all just been sitting there watching him?” Jen enquired half under convinced in her own mind that the boofheads didn’t talk amongst themselves while she wasn’t around.

“We don’t need to ask him a question to see he’s not paying attention.” Tickles said sarcastically.

“So what, you all just sit here and leave him in his own little world?” Jen quizzed

“Yeah, what else should we do?” Tickles answered.

“Oh, I don’t know, check to make sure he’s all right.”

“Pfft, that is such a human thing to do. It’s easy enough to see that he’s ok, it’s just that he’s either musing, or he’s ignoring you.” Tickles was having fun playing with Jen’s mind.

“Oh so now you think he’s ignoring me?” Jen spoke in a slightly annoyed tone.

“I didn’t say that,” Tickles laughed, “I just suggested it was possible.”

“Sheesh, tiger, if you weren’t so cute I’d punt your arse out of the room.”

“Don’t let him get to you dear, he’s just riding you for the reaction.” Snowflake broke his silence.

“Cute or not that little boofhead ought to know the only on who rides me is L.P.” There was a collective grown from all four boofheads before Jen continued. “So what’s been keeping your mind so occupied Bear?”

“Oh I was was just thinking about how I wouldn’t want to be the sort to lose themselves so deep in thought that they ignored they world around them!”