Craving Snowflake episode 9



Craving Snowflake Episode 9

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“Look out!” Snowflake called as he came running into the bedroom.

Tickles the Tiger, Golly the Gollywog and Big Bear the Polar Bear all looked on in astonishment as Snowflake leapt onto the bed and dived under the doona. As the movement of the bed settled and Snowflake pushed himself downward all that was left sticking out of the donna was his cute little plush feet.

“Wonder what’s up with him?” Tickles said to the other two boofheads, a lot more interested than concerned.

“Maybe Jen’s finally gone bat shit crazy and Snowflake is hiding in case L.P. realises that some things can’t be fixed.” Big Bear replied sarcastically.

“No that cant be it,” started Golly, “even he’s smart enough to realise that some things can’t be avoided.”

“More like L.P. is just waiting for her to catch up to his insanity!” Tickles announced with another laugh.

“Oi!” was all Big Bear came out with.

It was at that moment that L.P. walked into the room and noticed three boofheads and one pair of plush white feet at the top of the bed.

“What’s going on in here?” he asked.

Big Bear was the first to answer. “No idea, Snowflake just came running into the room and dived under the blankets. He’s been like that for a few minutes now and hasn’t said anything at all.”

As L.P. sat on the bed he reached forward and grabbed one of the little bear feet sticking out of the donna. Gently dragging the rest of the bear with the foot he pulled Snowflake out and sat him on his knee.

“What’s up bear?” L.P. quizzed

Snowflake sat quietly on L.P.’s knee thinking about what to say before starting his speech.

“I know it wasn’t the best hiding place but it was all I could reach on short notice.”

“Why do you need to hide?”

“Jen’s on the warpath. She’s been wandering around the kitchen cursing and stomping. I thought she was cleaning out and rearranging the pantry until I realised the stuff from inside the pantry was flying out the door and not being put back in.”

“Surely it’s not that bad?” L.P. inquired.

“Come on L.P. don’t be so naive, you’ve seen Jen when she gets a craving for chocolate.” Snowflake declared matter of factly.

“Yeah but we brought three blocks of chocolate yesterday when we did shopping and there is no way she’s eaten all three in twenty four hours.”

“She might not have.” Snowflake replied before ducking back under the covers.


  1. This is very cute.

    • lostpropertyrepository

      Thanks. It could be a true story, there has to be some reason for the chocolate in this house going missing 🙂

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