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Profound Big Bear episode 8

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I was sitting in the lounge room relaxing in the recliner and taking a break from my own writing by reading someone else’s. The latest order of books had arrived the previous day and neither Jen or I had wasted any time in breaking the seal and starting on the pile. I was taking a few seconds to let a particular heavy chapter settle in when I heard a low voice coming from the bedroom. I peaked my hearing and focused on the conversation.

“How is your human coming along?” Snowflake the plush white bear asked Big Bear.

“L.P.’s not going to bad, he’s a little pissed at you for knocking him out but I’m sure he’ll get over that eventually.” Big Bear replied

“Sheesh, it’s been at least a day since that happened, he should be well and truly over it by now, especially given the writing he was getting done yesterday.”

“Some people don’t always see it the way us sane bears do.”

Listening to the bears I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. It was true the two bears, and Tickles and Golly, kept my wife and I sane. With their constant assistance and regular interference neither of us had a chance to go insane even if we wanted to.

Getting close to dinner time I decided to put my book down and give the boofheads a little job to keep their minds amused. Flipping myself out of the recliner and onto my feet I walked into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed several centimetres from where Big Bear sat.

“I’ve got a job for you wise ol’ boofheads.”

“What’s with the ‘old’ crack smart arse?” Big Bear uttered not expecting a reply.

“I’m in middle of writing a scene where the smart arse class clown has been asked to come up with three profound statements in front of the whole class. Any suggestions?”

“You can’t be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with?” Tickles answered quickly.

“Yeah like my first thought it’s not really befitting of the class clown.” I replied.

“What was yours?” Big Bear asked.

“I actually ended up writing mine down on a post-it-note and sticking it on Jen’s computer screen instead of using it in the book.”

“Oh so it’s one of those soppy lovey dovey ones?” Golly laughed.

“Yes.” I said unashamedly before reciting the statement. “I walk down memory lane because I love running into you.”

“Awe, your so sweet, and when I saw sweet I mean sickening!” Big Bear giggled.

“Although not suited to the book it’s better than anything you’ve just come up with.” I declared.

“Alright,” Big Bear started, “how about this one. The most profound statements are usually said in silence.”

I walked out of the room after no one spoke for a full two minutes.


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