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My muse would have stopped reading this by the time she gets to the first fullstop. I almost guarantee that, so from here on in I can type anything I want no matter how offensive it might be 🙂

For the last sixteen years I have had a muse and most of the time she didn’t even know. Although I have had moments in my career where I have obviously been a ‘creative artist,’ because I’ve been a web and graphic designer for more than 20 years, I don’t often consider myself a creative artist, but I’ve still got a muse.

From the moment we met I was inspired to be a better person. I suddenly went from a person who only considered himself to someone who came to the realisation that there was other people equally, if not more, important in the world than himself. She made me realise that by myself taking on the world was a lonely task.

Although it seems unlikely (and probably not very creative) she then moved on to inspiring me in my chosen job. Getting up at 10PM every night and spending a minimum of ten hours on the road in the truck delivering to supermarkets and stores was a difficult and tiring job at the best of times and many a kilometre was only driven because knowing she was at home inspired me to keep going.

When it came to needing shoulder surgery, the first major surgery I’d ever required, I was quietly concerned of the unknown factors. While she probably didn’t see it the same way it was her strong will and positivity that not just inspired me to get the surgery I didn’t want to have but also got me through the twelve heavy weeks of rehabilitation and recovery.

She’s been a constant source of inspiration whenever work gets annoying, or when I’m struggling to come up with ideas for a new website. There has even been times where she’s been the inspiration for a new graphic design getting off the ground when I couldn’t get the essence of what the client wanted. And it goes without saying that she’s been a massive inspiration to my writing, even the thriller/horror novels I’ve written since meeting her have her inspiration scattered throughout them.

These days I might not be as creative as I once was but she, along with the two young girls we created together, who will no doubt in years to come also become my muses, are the inspiration for me to get out of bed every single morning.

My Muse is obviously my wife, who either gave up reading at the top of the page or has read it all and is remaining silent. 🙂


  1. How beautiful. This is lovely and very sweet.

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