When I first saw the #DiscoverWP topic for this week I wondered what I was going to come up with given that I couldn’t really put my finger on any actual connections from blogging itself. I’ve been a web designer on and off for more than 20 years and have made plenty of connections via the internet, including the most important one of all, the connection I made with my wife. But from blogging itself the connections are few. I’ve had several goes at blogging over the years, several incarnations not all using the current name, and while I’ve had a few likes and a few followers the only real connection I’ve had is invisible to all but one.

Then this afternoon while I was on a mission to do something nice for the above mentioned wife I realised I was on that mission because of a connection to WordPress. Suddenly I realised that with a bit of word padding, a bit of time and a bit of effort I would have my weekly #DiscoverWP story, and here it is.

Earlier in the day I was browsing through my reader, I’d already scanned it once for my ‘first-read’ posts/bloggers and was going back for a second scan when I saw Homer Simpson. Like so many other people in this world when I see Homer I often feel compelled to investigate, sometimes the investigation leads to let down other times amusement. Today was neither because for some reason the post didn’t even tweak in my mind despite the image of Homer and the words ice cream.

It wasn’t until mid morning when my wife mentioned something completely different that for some reason my mind reverted back to the picture of Homer and ice cream and decided I needed to look at the post in more depth. Off I went to the WP reader and looked for Homer’s head, it was a fair way down the list but I eventually found it and read it properly, then I read it to my wife.
The post I am referring to is Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!!! by belikewaterproduction. I wont go into the details of the post you can read it yourself from the link but the gist if it is celebrating the 116th anniversary of the Ice Cream Sandwich.
Now I don’t think I lived a sheltered life, in fact it was very unsheltered in many ways, but it wasn’t until sometime after I met my wife that I found out what an Ice Cream Sandwich was. To my wife a connoisseur of all things ice cream, who grew up in Perth Western Australia the Ice Cream Sandwich was called a Giant Sandwich, but it was not something I’d heard of in the Eastern states.

When I was a kid we had a thing called a ChocBurger which at the time was worth $1 while most of the other ice creams at the Milkbar were only forty and fifty cents. Now these chocolate covered chunks which had a round biscuit top and bottom and a slab of vanilla ice cream in between were not named Ice Cream Sandwiches they were ChocBugers and they were a rare treat because of the price of them.

The day my wife found Giant Sandwiches in one of our local stores she could not get the freezer door open quick enough. Several boxes were bought and relocated to our home freezer. I was under no illusions had I not been in the house I wouldn’t have gotten a sniff of that ice creamy goodness because my wife would have happily demolished all of them having been without them since moving to the east years before.

As much as they weren’t ChocBurgers (which had long since been discontinued) I had to admit they were pretty good and over the years there has been many bought for our house. Sometime in the last few years our local supermarkets have gone from the original Giant Sandwich to their own re-branded versions. They are a bit cheaper and they don’t taste exactly the same but since the stores removed the original product they are the only alternative.

So there I am today reading the above post to my wife and from the other end of our dining room table I could see her eyes glaze over as she thought about a Giant Sandwich.

“You could always go via Aldi when you do the school run and get some to celebrate the anniversary.” She said.

While she wasn’t demanding, or even ordering me to go shopping I could tell she was serious, so I said nothing and let the topic drop.

Three hours later having not brought up the topic again and being careful to leave for the school run a few minutes early, but not early enough to raise suspicion I was on my way to Aldi. Driving to the store I kept looking at the clock hoping that in trying to keep my movements a surprise I’d left enough time to get in and out and back to the school.

Typical of Aldi when you want to get in and out of the store quickly there is problems and today’s problem was that they only had to check outs running and the queues were both ten people deep. More than once I looked at the couple of boxes in my hand and wondered if what I was doing was worth it. Given that I hadn’t told my wife what I was doing there would be no let down if I just gave up and left the store empty handed but I just didn’t want to do that.

Fifteen minutes later with my secret booty in the car I was on my way to school. Fifteen minutes after that I was on the way home with our eldest daughter in the back seat asking why there was a shopping bag in the front seat of the car. Five minutes after that I presented my wife with several boxes of our local Giant Sandwich substitute to celebrate (albeit a day late) the anniversary of the Ice Cream Sandwich.

Although the first reaction may not have been what I expected (and I didn’t expect a standing ovation) the first box of Ice Cream Sandwiches was demolished by the family after dinner.

So in nearly twenty four hours I’ve gone from thinking that I had no real connection from blogging to realising that there is not only a connection but it’s a yummy one.