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Jen was typing away at the table as Snowflake the plush white polar bear wandered into the room.

“Wotcha up to dear?” he said as he climbed onto the chair next to her with the intention of giving her something other than her novel to focus on for a few minutes.

Although Jen had been in a good place for the last few days and her novel was coming along marvellously Snowflake still had a job to do and that job was keeping her sane. Just like he cared enough to knock her out with a door and leave her laying unconscious on the floor to cure her writer’s block, interrupting periodically through the day to give her mind something else to focus on was all part of his greater plan.

Snowflake knew that Jen rarely shared her novels with anyone until they were finished so his conversations would often be mundane and lacking in depth, just enough to get her to focus on something else and not completely loose herself. It was for that reason he was surprised when their conversation immediately went to her writing.

“Argh, the dim witted but handsomely rugged beefcake in the book just doesn’t seem to be panning out. For some reason he either wants to be as dumb as dog shit and rely only on his looks and body to get him through or he wants to be some sort of Rhodes Scholar. I can’t make him fit somewhere in between.”

“Well in my expert opinion….because I read so many romance novels.” Snowflake said sarcastically.

“Any wonder I don’t talk to you lot about my books until they are finished.” Jen remarked.

“Ok, well does it really matter if you use a dumb arse beefcake? You haven’t used a character like that since ‘Steaming and Stupid’ when you used L.P. as your inspiration for the main character.”

“OI! If I hear you say that out aloud again keeping me sane will be the least of your worries.”

“Haha! Oh that’s right that book was written about someone you ‘didn’t know’.” Snowflake used air quotes as he said the last two words.

Changing subject Jen spent the next ten minutes giving Snowflake a run down of her current character and the plot for her book in the hope that Snowflake might help her decide on a direction. With all her descriptions over and the story exposed she waited for Snowflake’s response and possibly a direction to follow. After less than a minute Snowflake’s response came, short and to the point.

Some people just need a high five,
in the face,
with a cricket bat.

It was at that time after such a profound statement from her cute little bear that Jen decided to run with the dim witted but handsomely rugged beefcake that was dumber than dog shit for her new romance story.