Profound It



Profound It

I was having one of my worst days on the golf course ever last week. I’d parred six holes, boggied five holes and double bogied six holes. My day couldn’t have gotten any worse and as I approached the tee on the eighteenth I wasn’t hoping for much. Which was just as well because I didn’t get much.

I sliced the tee shot straight into the rough and as it bounced out of sight and into the trees I wondered if I was better off just taking the extra shot and teeing off again. After letting my partner Mick tee off and watching his ball sail straight down the fairway I decided ‘fuck it, the day can’t get any worse’ and wandered off to find my ball.

When I got up to where I saw my ball disappear Barry the club professional came out of the trees and pointed to where the ball landed.

When Mick caught up to me and asked if I found my ball I replied, “Na the profound it.”


    • lostpropertyrepository

      Thanks. It was all I could think of and I had to get that out of my head before I worked on a real story 🙂

        • lostpropertyrepository

          Yeah happens quite a lot for me. The stupidest thought lands first and just wont leave until I throw it out there. Thankfully not all the stupid ones get posted. 🙂

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