This recipe started as a standard Chicken and corn soup but I adapted a bit of a chinese feel into it.

This is one of those recipes that I also adapt to the family in that I haven’t made it to the letter of the recipe since the kids started eating a wider range of things. Last time I made this soup I made 5 litres of it which meant increasing the listed quantities which does mean a slightly different taste each time but that’s the beauty of cooking isn it? 🙂

I’ve also started using Chicken Marylands for this recipe, cooking them in the water and then taking the meat off the bone once cooked.

Note for making larger quantities: I don’t increase the quantities of corn or eggs I only increase the stock and soy sauce levels and occasionally add chicken stock powder to taste if needed. I have also added noodles to the mix and had a positive result.

Chinese Inspired Chicken & Corn Soup.
2 Chicken breasts
Bunch of spring onions, chopped in bite size pieces
1tbsp vegetable oil
1tsp ginger
1tsp chicken stock powder
1-1.5 litre chicken stock
30-40ml soy sauce
30ml kecap manis
2 400g cans of creamed corn
1 400 gram tin of corn kernels
1tbsp cornflour
2 eggs
Chives (optional)

1.Slice chicken breasts into small pieces and place in soup pot. Cover with water and boil until chicken is cooked.
2.Remove chicken from water, set aside and keep small amount of chicken water for eggs and conflour.
3.Make chicken stock as per stock recipe, or use pre made stock
4.In fry pan put oil, spring onion, ginger, and sprinkle stock powder.
5.Heat and stir pot until onions soften and mixture becomes fragrant.
6.Mix stock and chicken water (if making larger quantity) and bring to boil
7.Add onion, creamed corn and kernels and bring back to boil.
8.Add soy sauce and kecap manis to taste
9.Once boiling stir and add chicken pieces then bring to boil again.
10.Mix cornflour with small amount of chicken water and pour slowly into pot while stirring pot.
12.Mix 2 eggs together with a small amount of chicken water until mixture is smooth consistency. Then pour into pot slowly while stirring.
12.Garnish with chopped chives.