He rolled over trying not to take the donna and sheet with him as he rolled onto his side. Although the pain wasn’t intense it was enough of a reminder of he did to wonder if it was worth trying again.

As he lay on his side with his left arm bent and his hand between his head and the pillow looking at the clock he convinced himself that giving up was not an option he would consider.

He thought about offering an apology but he really hadn’t done anything wrong, at least he didn’t think he’d done anything wrong.

The room was silent and although the clock on the bedside table was digital he could almost here every second tick over. After fifteen minutes of watching the LCD display and thinking things over he’d nearly convinced himself that he could actually hear the minutes ticking over. Of course he couldn’t but logic was starting to escape him.

Moving his right arm slightly he was able to rub his nose. The pain had eased in the fifteen minutes he’d been watching the clock. There as obviously no blood and the shock of the smack in the nose hurt more than the pain of the action but he still didn’t want to sleep and by the sounds coming from the other side of the bed he knew she wasn’t sleeping either.

He knew if he lay there unmoving much longer he’d loose the courage to try and repair the situation he’d some how found himself in. Convinced that wasn’t a path he wanted to trail he spent the next two minutes convincing himself that he had to make a move, so he did.

Rolling over he shuffled his way to the other side of the bed. She had her back to him but he wasn’t perturbed. He wondered if she was about to say something but he moved quickly and tried his best not to upset the donna.

Sliding in behind her he edged his body against hers, chest to back, legs to legs. His left arm gently slid over her side and down her stomach before it came to rest just touching the sheet on her side. He didn’t expect to get as far as he was but he kept going and as he nested his face into her neck and kissed her gently he said.

“I’m sorry, all I wanted was a cuddle.”

The only response he got was her hand moving on top of his and pulling it closer into her body.