Dramatic: The continuing saga of Big Bear the bear who keeps me sane

The continuing story of the Bear who keeps me sane.
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“How’s the story coming along  there, boss?” Big Bear said as he climbed onto the spare office chair next to my desk.

briefly glancing at the clock in the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen I noticed that it was 2:38pm and that I had been typing without a break for more than four hours.

After such an annoyingly sleepless night with the wind pounding the front of the house I’d actually managed to get between four and five hours sleep. The cost of such sleep was waking with a bit of a headache but the benefit was that I’d managed to write more than three thousand words for the novel I was writing.

Slowly swivelling my chair so I was looking Big Bear directly in the eye I replied. “Been a really good morning, the evil doctor has found a new way to harvest the body parts and the goodie two shoes assistant think he’s knows how to drop the doctor in it.”

“Well I’m glad you’ve managed to do something productive. Gotta admit after the night we, I mean you, had I figured you’d be a walking zombie all day and get nothing done.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence there champ.” I said half-joking.

“Hey, even you have to admit that when you go more than a few nights without sleep you get grumpy and moody.”

Knowing I wasn’t going to get any more typing done while Big Bear sat beside me doing what he claimed was ‘keeping me sane’ I turned back to my screen and began checking my email. With no email worth reading I did a quick scan of some news websites and music sites but found nothing to hold my interest.

“So apart from the small headache are you feeling alright?” Big Bear quizzed.

“Yeah I feel good.”

“No ill effects, no dizzy spells?”

Turning my chair back to the bear I again looked him directly in the eye and asked. “What’s with this questioning Mr Bear?”

“Just inquiring as to your wellbeing sunshine. You know, doing my job, keeping you sane, etc etc.”

“Yeah, yeah. As some who types crap for a living I know bullshit when I smell it. Out with it bear.”

Big Bear sat in the chair, swiveled it side to side gently without looking at me and said nothing.

Think about the line of questions I suddenly made the realisation where Big Bear was headed. “This sudden consideration of my well-being has nothing to do with a certain smallish, but cute, polar bear and me suddenly falling asleep last night doe it?”

Big Bear remained silent.

“Further to that it doesn’t have anything at all to do with Jen being knocked out does it?”

Jumping down off the chair and heading towards the door Big Bear said over his shoulder. “I think you’re being a little bit dramatic there sunshine.”