Apology Big Bear episode 7

“Ok so I apologise for letting Snowflake bop you on the noggin and put your lights out.” Big Bear, the plush white polar bear with the green hat, green scarf and 2005 tattoo on his left foot, said with a very genuine hint of apology in his voice.

“Well thanks, but I’m not really sure you are the one that should apologising.” I replied from my chair in front of the computer.

“I’m not either, especially not since you’ve been typing up a storm all day.”

“That’s not quiet the reasoning I was going with. I was more thinking that Snowflake was the one who did the bopping and therefore he should probably be the one to do the apologising.”

“Oh, well I guess I can see why you think that.”

With that Big Bear jumped off the swivel chair next to my office desk and plodded on out of my office. By the time I’d turned around to see if he’d continued on his way he was out of sight so I turned back to the screen and began revising what I’d written during the day.

Having gotten up from the desk after Big Bear’s last visit and been to the kitchen to get some food and some pain killers I was feeling much better and even the slight headache I’d had since waking up that morning had gone. Of course sitting at the screen thinking about why I spent so long typing with a headache, no matter how slight, and not taking pain killers was going to bug me for a little while to come but at least I felt better as I started editing and revising.

I’d been editing for nearly thirty minutes when I heard, then saw Big Bear waltz up next to me and jump onto the chair.

“So I went and had a word to Snowflake about this apology you think he owes you.” the Bear said as he got comfortable


“He claims he did you a favour.”

“So what does that mean I’m not getting an apology?”

“Nope. Afraid not.”

I said nothing in reply and kept on reading the words on the screen. There was a clear two minutes of silence before I heard another set of feet walking into the room. A second later Snowflake jumped on the chair next to Big Bear and the two of them whispered to each other. I said nothing and waited for them to finish.

Unsurprisingly it was Big Bear who spoke up first and broke the silence. “Snowflake does have something to say about an apology.”

“Then why doesn’t Snowflake say it?” I said looking at both bears with a grin on my face.

“Ok.” Snowflake started. “I do have an apology to make, so if Jen ever finds out what I did to her with the door, can you apologise for me.”

It wasn’t a question and before I had a chance to reply Snowflake was off the chair, on his feet and headed out the door calling “Thanks.”