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“It’s getting harder to admire someone, no matter how cute and cuddly they are, who thinks that knocking someone out solves problems.” Jen said to Snowflake the plush white polar bear.

The four plush boofheads, Tickles, Golly, Snowflake and Big Bear along with Jen sat on the bed having a little chat about the previous night. In Snowflake’s own words, had assisted L.P. in getting to sleep by bopping him on the noggin and putting out his lights. Similar to the way he’d assisted in helping Jen relax and think about her novel by slamming a door into her head, or in his words, seeing her trip over her undone shoe lace.

“How can you not love a face like this?” Snowflake said sweetly and innocently as if he hadn’t been responsible for knocking out both Jen and L.P. in the past two days.

“I never said anything about love I said admire. Are you having trouble with words now?” Jen said smartly.

“Awe c’mon wasn’t I the one who stood over you and helped you when you tripped over your shoe lace? Wasn’t I the one who was by your side when you woke up?”

“And weren’t you the one I heard telling these three,” Jen pointed at the other boofheads, “that you are responsible for breaking my writers block?”

Snowflake blushed slightly, which is no mean feat for a plush white polar bear and replied. “Well I think it was my caring nature and protection that helped with that.”

Jen thought for a few seconds before answering. “And a cynical person, maybe even a person who writes mysteries for a living, might think there is a connection between two people in the same house both being rendered unconscious within 24 hours of each other.”

“Well isn’t it lucky you write romance.” Snowflake said with a smile, then turning to Big Bear he asked, “So where is L.P. right now?”

“At his desk writing. He’s been there since he woke up, didn’t even have breakfast and the keys have nearly melted his fingers are going so fast.” Big Bear spoke proudly and cheerfully knowing that his human was, if not completely sane, sane enough to be doing the job he was suppose to be doing.

“And how much writing did you get done after your little nap?” Snowflake looked at Jen but Jen offered no answer so he continued. “Yes I think I’ve earned my admiration.” Snowflake added without a hint of smugness in his voice.