Wind: The continuing saga of Big Bear the bear who keeps me sane

The continuing story of the Bear who keeps me sane.
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The wind blew against the front of the house, according to the weather station which got its signal wirelessly from the sender unit mounted on the veranda, it was blowing at 60kph with gusts peaking over 100kph. The front of the house made a different noise with every gust and the lounge room window vibrated. I lay in bed listening to the sounds knowing that the house had withstood worse but still unable to sleep wondering if the front windows were going to blow in.

“Why don’t you go to sleep?” Asked Big Bear.

“Good idea, I hadn’t thought of that!” I replied sarcastically.

“Well you’ve been rocking and rolling, tossing and turning for nearly four hours. Excuse me for thinking you’d forgotten what you came to bed for.”

“You know windy nights bug the shit out of me.”

“And you know that fear is 90% in your head and that the house isn’t going to suddenly blow apart.”

“Just like I know plush polar bears, gollywogs and tigers don’t really talk?”

“Wash your mouth out you heathen!” came Tickles the tiger’s voice from snug under the covers.

More wind blew against the house. The outside blinds rattled under the force of the and the aluminium housing which they were mounted in vibrated loudly. Outside somewhere near by a neighbours dog barked and there was a crash of something that was probably a wheelie bin falling over, but I had no interest in what it was.

“Why don’t you put your headphones in and then I can get some sleep? Being this cute, calm and collected under pressure doesn’t come with no sleep you know.” Big Bear asked politely.

“You can go to sleep any time you want to,” I replied.

“You know I can’t go to sleep while you’re thrashing around here. Rolling around with your head rattling as much as the window frames is only one step away from you going around the twist and I can’t let that happen.”

“Well what else do you suggest?”

“I’ll happily reach over and knock you out like I did with Jen yesterday.” Snowflake said proudly knowing that Jen was asleep with her music player playing in her ears.

“Gee thanks for the care and consideration, Bear!” I answered.

“Why don’t you copy Jen and put your music player on as well?” Big Bear said helpfully.

“Why don’t you turn the TV and let the sound drown out the wind?” Golly added.

I didn’t need much time to think about it before replying. “If I put my music on I can’t hear when the front of the house blows in, and if I put the TV on the brightness could wake Jen. I’d rather she had the chance to sleep and get the hours she needs than worry about myself. I’m used to living off little to no sleep.”

“Yeah until you get grumpy and start cracking the shits.” Big Bear said.

“So? It’s your job not to let that happen.”

“No, my job is to keep you sane, not stop you from cracking the shits because you’re too silly to sleep when it’s windy, or you’re too infatuated to let you’re wife have a sleepless night in favour of having one yourself. Idiot!”

“Ok then my voice of reason, what do you suggest?”

There was silence for a few seconds as no one spoke, even the wind seemed to die down for that few seconds as if in anticipation of what was to come. As I unknowingly fell into the land of nod there was a ruffle of sheets and the voice of a small bear.

“Maybe he too will wake up with a flurry of new words for the book like Jen did.”