Admire. A miss-typed daily prompt


When I first saw today’s prompt my brain started making a list of people who I admire and tried to figure out how I could make up something that was mildly interesting to other people. The list was never going to be that long because I don’t admire rock stars, leaders, or other such people, I might like them but I don’t admire them. The only people I really admire are those who are close to me and have an effect on my daily life and there is only so many people out there who want to hear about how much I admire my kids, my family and most of all my wife.

But then I realised that the prompt is not about liking someone or respecting someone, the word has been miss-typed and I had to change my thinking.

So there I was sitting up at 3am one morning after tossing and turning in bed for four hours. I have no idea what was stopping me from falling to sleep, maybe it was stress, maybe it was discomfort, maybe it was the five hour nap I had during the afternoon, I could not pin point the exact cause and it would not have mattered even if I could.

I’d tried counting in my head, because counting sheep doesn’t work and I don’t live close enough to a farm. I managed to get to seven hundred and sixty three before I gave up, although I think I repeated the numbers between four hundred and five hundred twice.

I tried listening to music from my music player but just found myself singing along to every song even the songs I wanted to delete from the playlist three years ago but never got around to doing.

I remembered the words of my mother who said she always thought making a cup of warm chocolate helped her to get to sleep, but after making a cup myself I didn’t feel any more tired or asleep than when I got out of bed so I left the drink untouched in the microwave.

Thinking a bit of reading might help me nod off I picked up the the book I’d been reading earlier in the day and read another one hundred and fifty pages before deciding that wasn’t working either.

Running out of other options I switched on the TV and channel surfed for a few minutes before my sleep deprived mind settled on some poorly produced, poorly written infomercial for some useless tool that my tool shed didn’t need. After that infomercial another one came on for some fitness equipment I didn’t want, then one for a magic floor mat that probably didn’t work and before I knew anything else it was 5am.

That was when I realised I was caught in an Ad-mire.


  1. Q

    That is no where close to where I thought this post was going! But nice job regardless 🙂

  2. Haha I loved it! I too posted something that was based on a daily prompt. It is nowhere near as well written as yours, but I would love if you could check it out and give me some feedback.

    • lostpropertyrepository

      Thanks, it was another one of those cases of getting something stuck in my head and not being able to write anything else until it get let out. 🙂

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