Unstoppable Snowflake episode 5

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“So has she woken up yet” Tickles the Tiger asked Snowflake.

“Oh yeah she woke up just before dinner time.” replied Snowflake.

“You left her there until dinner time?”

“Well she wasn’t in a state to go anywhere else.” Snowflake laughed.

“So how come you’re still walking unaided? Surely when she woke up her first thought was to cause you some sort of pain for bouncing the door of her forehead?” Golly asked.

“She doesn’t actually remember things quite that way. From what she remembers she was in a bad mood caused by the writers block, she stormed off from the table after I offered to help and then she tripped on her undone shoe lace and slammed her head into the door.”

The penny started to drop with the other three boofheads as Snowflake continued.

“She was a little foggy on the time frame but assured her that she was only out for a few minutes and that I was by her side all the time.”

”And she believed that?” Tickles quizzed.

“Of course she did. Look at this cute face, would it ever lie?” Snowflake smiled sweetly. “Well Jen doesn’t think so!”

“So you convinced her that she some how ran head first into the door and landed on her back?” Big Bear said not entirely convinced..

“Yep, and undid her shoe lace just to reinforce the story.”

All four boofheads laughed heartedly.

“So where is she now?” Golly asked when the laughter stopped.

“She’s out at the table, dinner plates are still strewn across the table and she’s typing away furiously at her computer.”

“So whatever happened it fixed her writer’s block?”

“Yep, she’s typing up a storm out there at the moment, it’s almost like she’s unstoppable.”