Crisis Snowflake episode 4



Crisis Snowflake episode 4.

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“So what’s the crisis?” Big Bear asked as Snowflake walked into the bed room with a worried look on his cute polar bear face.

“Jen’s still out cold” Snowflake responded jumping up onto the bed.

“Well I wouldn’t exactly call that a crisis, it’s not like she doesn’t need the sleep given how long she’s been dragging out that writer’s block excuse.” Tickles the tiger laughed.

“She’s been lying on the floor now for more than two hours.”

“Is she breathing?”


“Has she got a nice red lump on her head?” Tickles said smugly

“Yeah and she’s going to love seeing that when she wakes up.”

“Then I still say it’s not a crisis.”

“I have to agree with Tickles.” replied Big Bear.

“No I think the fact that she’s asleep on the floor is the least of your worries.” Golly said acting like the voice of reason before continuing, “I think the real crisis will happen when she wakes up and realises you left her there for more than two hours.”

“Well as the bear entrusted to keep her sane I guess there is only one thing for me to do.”

“And What’s that?” Tickles quizzed.

“Leave her there until tomorrow of course.”


  1. Guess no one told them about concussion. Good luck.

    • They are just cute little bears they can’t think of everything 🙂

      I’m actually hoping they figure out something else to do with her rather than leave her on the floor. 🙂

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