Elusive Snowflake episode 3.

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“I decided to take the afternoon off yesterday.” Snowflake the cute plush polar bear said to his other boofhead mates.

Tickles the Tiger, Golly and Big Bear all nodded in agreement.

“Yeah the other day it was clocks through the wall, then yesterday Jen’s writers block was so bad she made comments I know she will be regretting now.”

“Oh she’s regretting it alright,” replied Tickles, “I heard her mumbling in her sleep, ‘sorry bear, sorry bear’ over and over again for about twenty minutes.”

“Well lets face it there isn’t a sane person in the world that wouldn’t forgive a bear as cute as me.” Snowflake replied without the hint of smugness.

“So after the last two days you still think she’s sane?” Golly asked with a hint of sarcasm.

“Hey, I’m on the case, she hasn’t gone all the way around the bend yet. The right words may be a little elusive at the moment but I have faith that I can help her find them.”

“Well you better get to work. Since L.P. is out today I’m happy to help if you need me.” Big bear said as Snowflake jumped off the bed and headed out of the bedroom.

Walking into the kitchen Snowflake immediately noticed Jen sitting at the table with her laptop, in the same place as the day before, almost as if she hadn’t moved since the previous day. He waltzed through the kitchen, stepped up the the chair next to Jen and jumped onto the padded cushion.

Without saying a word he monitored the situation for a few minutes. By the lack of typing and the fact that she sat with her elbows on the table and her head in her hands Snowflake knew that Jen’s writers block was still present. Knowing that he needed to help and that even if Jen didn’t like the idea initially she’d eventually realise that Snowflake’s help was not only given with love and devotion but given because no one in the house liked seeing a stressed out human, the cute little bear broke the silence and got straight to the point.

“So, you are obviously stuck and have been for a while so lets bounce some ideas around.”

“You know that’s not the way I write.”

“And you know that this bout of writers block has been present for nearly twenty four hours, so in the efforts of saving you from your own insanity I’m stepping in to help.”

“Don’t need help.” Jen said defiantly.

“So what’s your plan? Sit here and wait for the words to pop into your head no matter how long it takes?”

“That plan works for me.”

“Well, it doesn’t work for me. I’m not here to write your bloody book for you, I’m here to keep you sane. Part of keeping you sane is making sure you don’t get stuck in the wrong part of your head.”

“I’m fine, it’s just a bit of writer’s block.”

“Yes and I’m offering to be a sounding board to see if, between us, we can’t break that block.”

“And I’m telling you, I don’t need that help. I write alone and alone I’ll break this writer’s block.”
With that Jen pushed her chair backward sliding it into the wall with a thump. She then got up and stormed away from the table with little intention other than leaving the room.

Quick as a flash Snowflake jumped down from the chair and bolted ahead of Jen, knowing she was headed into her reading room where she would close the door and shut herself away from the rest of the world. But Snowflake had another idea and while that idea involved closing the door it wasn’t quite the same plan as Jen.

Just as Jen rounded the corner and stepped into the reading room Snowflake swung the door shut with as much force as he could manage, which was quite a lot for a cute little stuffed bear. The door slammed into Jen’s head knocking her backwards and into the hallway wall. With a crash, a bang and a loud involuntary yelp Jen hit the floor.

Second later Tickles, Golly and Big Bear all appeared in the hallway next to an unconscious Jen.

“What happened?” Golly asked.

“Apparently Jen still has a bit of writer’s block.” Snowflake replied. “But I think when she wakes up she might see things a little differently.