Sanctuary: Snowflake episode 2

Episode 1 here

Snowflake, the cute little plush polar bear with the green hat and scarf entrusted with keeping Jen, wife of L.P., sane wandered out of the bedroom singing.

So give me Sanctuary from the law
And I’ll be alright
Just give me Sanctuary from the law
And love me tonight…tonight

The earworm had burrowed into his head since hearing it during the previous night as L.P. tossed and turned while listening to his headphones. He’d already discussed with Big Bear about this non sleeping arrangement of the previous few nights and how it was stopping him from getting the sleep he needed to be at the top of his game but Big Bear insisted he was doing all he could do to put L.P. to sleep.

Earworm aside after yesterday’s efforts with Jen and the clocks in the wall Snowflake had decided he needed to keep a closer eye on her and make sure he was there if she needed him. He waltzed into the kitchen still singing the chorus of the Iron Maiden song and made his way up to Jen who was sitting at the table with her computer turned on and staring at the TV.

“What’s up girl? Writers block?” Snowflake asked sweetly as he jumped onto the chair beside Jen.

“Shurrup, busy!”

“You don’t look to busy.”

“Who asked you?” Jen replied abruptly.

“As the caring, loving, not to mention really cute, bear put in charge of keeping you sane I think I’ll ignore that.”

“I am bloody sane!”

Snowflake decided not to mention the two holes in the walls and changed tact. With Jen often using him as a sounding board for story ideas he went down the path of showing an interest in what she was writing and figuring out if there was anything he could help with.

“Watcha writing about there?”

“Not writing, thinking, can’t you see? Get me coffee!”

“You don’t drink coffee.”

“And you’re a stuffed polar bear, guess I’m screwed all around aren’t I?”

“You’ll be screwed seven ways from Sunday if you keep speaking to me like that.”Snowflake responded curtly.

“Promises, Promises.”

Silence fell over the kitchen table as both bear and human thought about the conversation that had just happened.

Stepping down off the chair Snowflake said. “I think we will continue this tomorrow.”