Elusive with a twist

Benji lay awake in bed while a storm raged outside. Wind blew, thunder roared and every few minutes a flash of lightning lit up the bedroom. It was during one of the lulls in the storm that he heard it, it sounded like a thump, something striking wood, something weighty but maybe not overly heavy. The noise didn’t scare him, it intrigued him and he lay on his back listening hard to see if it happened again.

After several more crashes of thunder and some of the strongest gusts of wind he’d heard in a long time he decided the noise wasn’t coming again but just as that thought went through his mind he heard it again. Second time around the noise was louder and more solid which tweaked his mind even further and he quickly decided that he needed to check it out.

Climbing out of bed and slipping into his track pants he walked out into the lounge room. He didn’t turn on any lights, he knew his own house well enough not to need them for the initial search. From his bed he’d figured the noise had come from the kitchen so he walked through the lounge as more thunder and lightning crashed outside.

He walked through the dinning room careful not to trip over the boxes of computer parts he’d had delivered earlier in the day which were bound for cataloguing and indexing before he posted them on his online store. But it wasn’t until he stepped into the kitchen and heard the noise again that he realised it wasn’t coming from there and that it was in fact coming from his office

Walking down the hallway he still wasn’t scared and still felt no need for his way to be lit by lights. Although the storm was still raging outside the front of the house copped the brunt of the weather front and the further he went into the house the less he could hear the wind. He could however still hear the heavy rain as it pounded on the tin roof above his head.

Standing in the doorway of his office he stopped and listened. He had to wait less than a minute before he heard the sound again. Closer up it sounded more like a thump against the plaster board wall than a thump of wood like he’d thought from the bedroom. He reached for the light switch and flicked it downward, the room was immediately flooded with artificial light from the old incandescent globe in the roof which he knew he should have replaced years ago.

From the darkness he’d figured the sound had come from somewhere near the far corner of the room so he made his way in the direction. In the corner was six boxes all stacked unevenly making an odd shaped multi-tiered stack. He knew at least three of the boxes still contained parts which where eventually destined to be delivered to his brother who wanted a new computer but that still didn’t explain the noise.

Figuring the noise had come from the boxes he stepped up to the top box and gently folded back each other the four flaps and saw nothing. The second box netted the same result, as did the third and just like he’d expected the final three had boxes of computer parts in them, but still no excuse for the noise. Annoyed he closed the boxes and pushed them back into the corner.

Having not found the source of the noise Benji turned and headed for the door. His right hand was on the light switch and he was just about to plunge the room into darkness when he heard the noise again. He turned quickly and looked but nothing had changed and nothing had moved.

Moving from annoyed to frustrated he stepped over to the boxes again. This time instead of checking in them he started moving stuff around them but after five minutes of moving everything and shifting whatever he could see he had found nothing. Moving from frustrated to pissed off he turned and again headed for the door.

Once again just as he was about to turn off the light he heard the noise, however this time he was looking directly at the boxes. To his surprise despite hearing the noise as clear as day he saw absolutely nothing.
“Screw you,” he said to the empty room as he decided whatever the noise was it wasn’t going to keep him from his warm bed any longer.

It was at that point as he switched the light off and turned into the hallway that he was slammed in the face with a baseball bat.