Sanctuary with a twist?

The black Falcon ute screamed along the freeway, weaving from lane to lane at speeds up to 160kph as if the driver was showing off how good he thought he was behind the wheel. Although the freeway was lit by overhead lights the night was dark and moonless and the traffic on the road was minimal.

They’d been running hard for nearly twenty minutes since they’d been spotted by a patrolling police car doing burn outs in the Smithfield Industrial Estate and they were now looking for sanctuary, but the police obviously had different ideas. Three highway pursuit cars had joined the chase, each one with lights flashing and sirens screaming while they did their best at matching the speed of the escaping vehicle.

They were able to move fast on the relatively empty road and in no time at all they were leaving suburbia and pushing their way along the multi lane highway. Traffic on the on road was light and authorisation was giving by Police Command for the pursuit to continue.

The V8 engines in all four vehicles roared as the speed increased towards 200kph. With no seat belts in use the occupants of the ute were pushed back into their seats as they laughed and made comments to each other about how easy escaping the police really was. Unlike the idiots in the ute in front of them all six police officers were strapped in and well trained for high speed driving.

Headlights were on high beam as the ute screamed down the middle of the road, twice the driver had to pull to one side in order to over take a vehicle. At such high speeds the kilometres were flying past and the car clung to the road relatively well even when they rounded one bend and found two cars side by side and the ute was forced onto the shoulder to avoid a collision.

There was chatter over the police radio about trying to disable the fleeing vehicle. Options such as running the vehicle off the road or shooting out tyres were quickly decided against due to the risks involved to both the police or innocent road users that may be ahead on the road. None of the police really cared much about the well being of the idiots in the ute.

At the exact second the call went over the police radio to pull out and abandon the pursuit a kangaroo bounded carefree across the highway in front of the black ute. The driver had no where to go, at the speeds he was travelling and in the pitch black of the country road he didn’t even see the animal until it’s body slammed into the bonnet.

Having collected the kangaroo in mid bounce at a speed of 209kph the roo’s body simply flopped over onto the bonnet of the ute. The animal then slid up the bonnet and slammed into the windscreen shattering the laminated glass before flying over the roof and into the air. By sheer luck alone all three police cars which had backed off but were still driving at in excess of 180kph missed the airborne kangaroo.

The ute driver in shock and unable to keep control of his vehicle reefed the steering wheel left, then right. The car lurched, slid, then twisted until the rear wheels skidded on the dirt shoulder at which time the rear end of the car spun out and flicked the front of the car nearly 90 degrees.

The occupants of the ute were still screaming in shock as the car slammed into a massive gum tree. Panels twisted, glass smashed and plastic destroyed as the car wrapped itself around the tree. Despite dual air bags the force of the impact threw the shattered bodies of both occupants from the car and into the bush, both dead before they hit the ground.

Sorry there is no twist today, drive like a dick die like a dick!