*Disclaimer* Megalomania Mole may come off slightly sexist and paint a picture of one women being the biggest bitch she could be but in the interests of fairness I’ll also state that Meglomania Mole is a 4000 word short story, the male equivalent of this story which I wrote 3 years ago is a 150,000 word novel. WHERE’S THE FAIRNESS:)

“That stupid bitch!” roared Mike as he stormed into his office bouncing the door on its hinges and kicking the rubbish bin across the floor spreading rubbish everywhere.

Jimmy looked up in shock at the outrage and nearly spat his coffee across the table. He’d never seen Mike so mad.

“What’s going on?” Mike asked.

“That stupid bitch,” Mike repeated as he pointed towards the main office also known amongst the drivers as Bullshit Castle, “has made me redundant because I refused to pick up her bloody kid when I passed the little prick hitchhiking last week.”

“What? She can’t do that!”

“Well, of course that’s not the reason she threw up, even she’s not stupid enough to try that crap.”

“She still can’t afford to get rid of you, not since she pushed John and Paul out. You’re the only bloody mechanic servicing a forty truck fleet. How the bloody hell can the stupid bitch make you redundant?”

“She fed me some bullshit about moving too an outside service agent to cut costs. She reckons she can sell off all the workshop gear, off load the staff and that’s going to save the company money. The only reason this place needs to save money is so Megalomania Mole over there can keep her cozy little beach house and keep driving that bloody Mercedes.”

“Mate I’m sorry, is there something the Magsy can do?” Replied Jimmy, referring to the Union Representative supposedly put in place to fight for the worker’s rights.
“Nah, Magsy the useless prick was there while the bitch fired me; Union says they’ve done everything above board.” He paused for several seconds, “Honestly mate I’m a little relieved. I never wanted to lose my job but working in this place has become a nightmare since Megalomania Mole took over.”

“So what are you going to do?”

Mike thought about it for a few seconds and replied, “I dunno, but I guarantee nothing other than serious maintenance issues are getting fixed over the next four weeks. I’ll keep the trucks safe, I’ll keep them on the road and I’ll look after the drivers but anything else can go to hell in the same hand basket as that bitch over.”

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