Slowly Another Big Bear story.

Episode 1 here

I was sitting on the Lazyboy recliner with my feet up and the chair laid back when Big Bear Slowly walked out of the bedroom.
“What are you doing out of the bedroom?” I asked inquisitively wondering why the plush white polar bear entrusted with the task of keeping me sane wasn’t in his usual place on our bed.
“Can’t a bear Slowly wander the house to stretch his legs?”
I ignored the obvious response a non sane person would give about a two foot high plush white polar bear with a green hat, green scarf and a 2005 tattoo on his soft left foot walking around the house.
“Buddy you can stretch your legs anywhere, any time, I’m just surprised you’re out while Jen has a visitor in the house.”
“Come on you and I both know that I could Slowly walk up and flick Lisa on the end of the nose and she’d forget she saw me within ten minutes of it happening, two minutes if she Slowly walked passed a mirror and saw her own reflection.”
I couldn’t help but laugh at his accurate response as he stepped up to the couch and jumped up on it.
“So what else is new?” I asked more of of boredom than anything else.
Big Bear shrugged his shoulders and said, “Bugger all mate, days that go this Slowly a usually the kind of days that I look forward too. It’s usually bloody hard work keeping you sane but you’ve done so little yourself today and while the hours are still Slowly tickling away you haven’t done anything drastic enough for me to intervene with.”
“Sorry to make you day so meaningless,” I add with a smile.
“With comments like that you might not need me for sanity, you might need me to bandage up your head after I Slowly and repeatedly hit it with a baseball bat.”
“So as much as I like this little chit chat with my favourite Big Bear is there anything I can actually do for you?”
“I’m kind of surprised you haven’t worked out yet that it’s not what you can do for me but what I just did for you.”
“Huh? What do you mean?” I asked wondering what the answer would be.
“Well you needed a way of including me in a response for the daily prompt Slowly and I’ve given you that, multiple times……and kept you sane, don’t forget that last bit!”