Nobody knew where they came from, nobody knew who they were, and as they arrived in town nobody seemed to care. The town’s people simply went about their daily routine as if the parade of vehicles down Main St was a daily occurrence. Even Mayor Ron Donaldson sitting in his overstuffed office chair watching the convoy roll past the window of his office couldn’t remember signing any paperwork, permits or approvals for any upcoming public events, but here they were.

The burnt orange Kenworth Aerodyne with colour matched 44″ curtain side trailer emblazoned with “Uncle E’s Endless Pleasures Traveling Carnival” on each side, slowly led the convoy through town and on towards the football oval. Consisting of five trucks, all with similar stand out graphics emblazoned on their trailers, six dual cab utes towing large caravans and four old sedans in varying states of disrepair the convoy slowly snaked its way up the winding road of the only hill in town. At the top of the hill and almost like they were all controlled from a single central source the convoy crawled it’s way through the open gates  and up on to the grass playing surface. Once on the grass the convoy slowly made its way around the oval until each vehicle was nose to tail in a complete circle.


Nobody knew how they got there but the following morning every power pole, every rubbish bin, every parking sign and the only street side letter box which still remained in the small remote township of Fielding’s View was plastered with bright coloured flyers.


Come One. Come All.

Uncle Erebus invites YOU to visit his

Carnival of Endless Pleasures!

Something for everyone!

No one leaves. unhappy!

Saturday Night

One Show Only!


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