Daily Prompt: Slowly…with a twist


I entered the house via the garage door.
I slipped my shoes off quietly and slid them against the wall next to the door
I crept my way through the kitchen slowly and silently in soft woollen socks.
I edged my way around the kitchen bench careful not to touch anything, careful not to bump into anything and even more careful not to make any noise.
I tip toed through the dinning room side stepping the chair I knew would not be pushed in against the table.
Stepping under the archway and into the lounge room my feet landed on carpet finally meaning less noise.
I walked forward, around the coffee table, past the Lazyboy recliner and onward towards the bedroom.
I entered the bedroom, breathing fast but quietly in anticipation.
Three steps into the bedroom I turned left and walked around the end of the bed.
I could hear her breathing, her slow rhythmic breath, in, out, in out.
Rounding the end of the bed, careful not to trip over the bunched up doona I knew would be on the floor, I stood at the bedside silent and breathing as quietly as I could in desperation.
Through the splash of moonlight coming in around the edges of the curtains I could see her breasts, covered only by the material of her pyjamas, gently rise and fall with every breath.
Moving my eyes to her face, a face that glimmered at all times, I could see her sensuous lips, slightly open as she breathed, her beautiful cheeks always soft and kissable.
Then I saw her eyes, her gorgeous green eyes, wide open and looking straight at me….
…so I plunged the knife into her chest.


  1. ha! this is the ending I expected with your first one. 🙂

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