On Monday I was carefree, well as carefree as I could be at this stage in life.
Then at some point during that day I decided I would buy a few new computers.

Now I’m not new to computers, I’ve been selling and supporting them for more than 20 years so buying a few more is hardly even news but for some stupid reason this time I went from carefree Monday to annoying Tuesday, straight into ‘awe gimme a break’ Wednesday then into “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” Thursday.

So on Tuesday afternoon the first computer installed with no issues, booted up, new software loaded and within hours the computer was handed over to my wife with a smile and an air of confidence. The annoying part came when my computer (which was also being replaced) started cracking up and stopped loading random web pages, running slow and in general just not playing the game I wanted to play which of course involved writing yet another Daily Prompt. Still as annoying as it was Tuesday ended.

“Awe gimme a break” Wednesday started early when my old computer again refused to open random web pages and was running slow. It then continued as I made some silly rookie mistakes installing software on the new computer and had to start over again because I’m too bloody anal about my computer and what’s on it. But as bad as that was it didn’t really prepare me for “you’ve got the be fucking kidding me” Thursday.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me” Thursday started with reformatting and re-installing my old computer so that it could be passed happily onto my father. The reformat and re-install went well until Windows decided it didn’t want to update itself. Dumping the computer on the desk in the office turned on and supposedly downloading I then turned to cleaning up the wife’s old computer, a task that was given up in disgust after an hour of transferring files and the realisation that I just couldn’t be stuffed playing around with something so ancient. Then as if the day wanted to keep reminding me of it’s new name every computer in the house refused to do updates.

So from carefree Monday I am now waiting for “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” Thursday to end by writing a bitchy little Daily Prompt.