They said that it was unpredictable and that no one expected it to happen, but I knew different.

Of course I didn’t say anything at the time because I didn’t want to be accused of being a smart arse but I am telling you now, I knew it was coming.

The topic didn’t come up often and I certainly didn’t bring it up voluntarily because it was not something I wanted to talk about, but it did come up.

The first time the topic came up the responses were hardly unpredictable.

My dear wife said, “I’m sorry darling but it just won’t happen.”

My eldest daughter, the most sincere of all my children but still not quite as sincere as my wife laughed and said, “Ha yeah right Dad, that ain’t ever going to happen.”

My son, who is a typical 14 year old boy agreed with his sister without even saying a word.

An my youngest son, who at 11 knew swearing would get him in trouble, simply mouthed the word “Bullshit” so his Mum and Dad didn’t hear it.

The second time the topic was raised the responses were different but equally predictable.

By the third time the topic was raised I didn’t even wait for the comments.

So what was it that was so unpredictable yet I was able to see it coming a mile away?

The abrupt and somewhat silly conclusion to this post.