When thinking about today’s daily prompt Journey my first thought was a journey of realisation and I came up with


Then I began to think that Journey fitted so many of my stories.

For starters there is the daily prompt form earlier this week,

Desert A journey of pain and realisation through a stormy desert

Then there was Cowardice the journey of a young boy bullied at school.

Following that there was a journey into the mind with Guest

And that’s just the Daily prompts.

As well as the prompts there is also (and this might be a bit of a stretch but I’m running with it anyway), exerts from other stories I have written.

Endless Pleasures A journey to a sick and twisted little carnival where the Endless Pleasures are not had by the visitors.

There is Protection A journey into a house that fulfills the wants of everyone who has ever been interrupted by a door to door salesman.

Also there is Megalomania Mole A journey straight into the bosses office, with a large Kenworth!

Pick This! is loosely about a journey that should never have happened.

And the latest offering Fulfilling Dreams a journey of realisation from beyond the grave.

So in actual fact when it came too writing about Journey I should have just posted my blog address. 🙂