“You’re fired!!!” My boss Barry yelled as he crouched in front of me and held onto the table in the middle of the brew room.
I thought he was being a bit harsh, after all what went down was not far short of a storm in a tea cup, the problem was that a fraction of a second before the comment was yelled the tea cup was flying directly at his head.
A further problem arose when said tea cup bounced off his head and slammed into the floor.
I still don’t think that such an event was worth being sacked over, but I do know that by the time the pieces of broken china had come to rest on the floor the entire staff room was trying to hold back their laughter.
Don’t get me wrong I understand Barry was somewhat annoyed with me, after all it was his favourite tea cup, but surely a sane person wouldn’t automatically jump to sacking another person leaving them jobless and without an income just for breaking their Thomas The Tank Engine tea cup.
There had to be more to it, so as a caring sole, a person who likes to help others I stepped forward, and tried to put my hand on Barry’s back in a comforting move and ask him if everything was ok. But apparently Barry’s luck just hadn’t come to work with him and I tripped on absolutely nothing as I made the single step towards him.
Next thing I knew my hand was squarely between Barry’s shoulder blades and the weight of my body came crashing down onto his back slamming his head into the table. There was a loud cry of pain and a crunch of skull on wood before Barry collapsed onto the floor.
Now I know what you’re thinking at this point, but don’t worry I assure you I was easily able to regain my balance and stop myself from falling on top of Barry. Pity for Barry that he couldn’t stop himself from falling face first onto the broken pieces of china but even with several small shards embedding themselves in his cheek I still don’t know that sacking me was the required reaction to his clumsiness.
When Barry finally got up off the floor, blood dripping from his face, a red welt in the middle of his forehead and rage spewing from his eyes like I had never seen before he couldn’t even talk, to his credit he tried but all that came out was a mumble and some dribble.
It was about then that the entire brew room did erupt in laughter. But unfortunately Barry just refused to see the funny side of things and without the power of speech like a normal person he rather oddly decided that he had little other choice but to leave the room.
Obviously Barry couldn’t afford to sack everyone who was laughing at him but to sack me, how is that fair and reasonable? Do you really think that after I showed such a caring side I deserved to be sacked? Of course you don’t, after all it was just a storm in a tea cup.